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« What would you do if you had no limitations to create any experience you wish for ?”

With a Consciousness Coach, you will be guided through the process of creating the best you you can be. Coaching is a powerful tool for getting you to the next level of succes. It helps you to remove the barriers that stand between you and achieving your goals.

You can expect a supporting contexte of true connection, playfulness and clear structure, that will allow you to access ressources within yourself.

What precious treasure in you wants to flower?

Intake for free | Dutch, English & French spoken | Valuation after experience

About Me

Some years ago, I discovered Creative Consciousness , a training to empower people. I decided to trust this process and now I am ready to be a consciousness coach for life. Let’s make this happen!

The biggest awareness I gained is that my essence is true connection. I have found my life purpose and vision. My coaching will make a way through to anything that keeps you from living the life you want to create.

Ready to dive into your starlight?

Simply yours, Judith UN – Van der Toorn


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